Manos Con Alas Ministries, meaning Hands with Wings, is a Christian faith-based non-profit California corporation, dedicated to bringing health services and simple shelter to the impoverished in Mexico, the US and other countries, such as Haiti.

Our teams of volunteer health care professionals travel to Mexico every two months to donate needed medical, dental, chiropractic, optometric, podiatric, massage, acupuncture and other health care services to the poor.We perform all services free of charge or obligation. Our faith drives us to deliver this service because we are called to live according to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

We’re called to help merely because they are in need, and because we possess the talents and make the time to give back give back of those talents to humanity. We feel it is our responsibility to share those talents and treasure the Lord has so generously given us.

Help us to do our work by joining one of our regular fly-in teams. We use private aircraft to access our mission sites more quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fatigue for our volunteer doctors and health care providers.We are actively seeking private pilots with available aircraft to carry our volunteers to mission sites. We always need doctors, dentists and other health care providers, as well as Spanish translators, cooks and even trades people and handymen to complete building work projects, and to maintain our mission clinic sites and equipment. Please join us!

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